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CATS  ALIVE         Box 334  Gabriola Island ,B.C.  Canada

Contact : 250-816-CATS (2287)

What is Cats Alives?

Cats Alive is a registered charitable organization, whose purpose is

the welfare of cats on Gabriola Island.

Who is Cats Alive?

Cats Alive is a community organization - a group of volunteers -

dedicated to the welfare of cats.

What does Cats Alive do?

Our prime objective is to provide services that are of direct benefit

to cats: spaying and neutering all cats that come into our care;

financially assisting low income owners to spay and neuter their cats;

providing medical care as needed; matching homeless cats with caring

humans; fostering strays until suitable homes can be found; feeding

neglected cats; and reuniting lost and found pets of all types

with their humans.

(Gabriola Pet Find: Call 247-8654)

How does Cats Alive pay for medical treatment, food etc.?

All of our funds come from fund-raising activities and donations. All

services provided by our volunteers are donated, which allows 100%

of the funds raised to be used for the direct cost of caring for cats.

What can you do?

There are many ways you can help. We are always in need of caring

individuals, fresh ideas, and of course, funding for our programs.

Please call Debra at 250-247-8953.

P.S. Controlling the cat population on Gabriola also helps the birds

Cats Alive Gabriola Island and other small wildlife.


Cats Alive
Cats Alive