Locke Bay, Gabriola Island

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Waiting for the ferries is part of Island experience. On the Education Page there are games and interesting links for the whole family to enjoy during the ferry trip.


There are washroom faciluties in the ferry parking lot.

 Arriving early at the ferry terminal is a good practice. Should you be traveling with children who walk at a good pace there are two points of interest near by. If you are at the end of the ferry line Descanso Bay Park is a short walk up Taylor Bay Rd. on the left. To view  video click link. Be sure to return to the terminal at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled ferry departure time.


If you find yourself at the front of the ferry line the Coats Millstone Reserve is a short walk up Eastom Rd. Look for a trail on the left by the large mirror. See where the Millstones were quarried to be shipped out to mills. To view video click on link.


The Skol Pub ajacent to the ferry terminal but B.C liquor laws do not allow children in the pub. A coffee bar is open in the morning below the pub. If the children need refreshments after the coffee shop closes an adult can get takeout drinks from the pub.


There are washroom facilities in at the terminal.

Should you arrive at the Nanaimo terminal early there ia nice waterfront walk along the waterfront. The ferry attendants should be able to direct you. Be sure to return to the terminal at least 10 minutes prior to the ferries departure time.

There is also a small shopping mall directly across from the terminal. Don't forget Gabriola Island has store for most requirements.